The State of the Hair and Teeth

podiumWith the world breaking apart at the seams, in addition to the over saturation of social media and blogs, I figured there is no better time to release my first blog on this website. First of all, thank you for checking out the site. My goal is to make this a hub for everything in my world. I will not push an agenda upon you or subtly slide in some severely questionable views in hopes to taint your conscious into believing that any of this matters. I’m on my own out here. I’m a comedian who makes my money holding microphones in front of people that have more money than me. I’m not lost in the rat race, yet I’m racing the shit out of these rats. I’m in a world of celebrity, faux connection, self doubt, rejection, and social confusion. Through these blogs I hope to navigate this landscape and shine some light on figuring it all out. I want to discuss issues that get me going while sharing with you the often surreal life experiences that make me who I am. I have a diverse background which includes working on capitol hill, fighting for the homeless, saving animals, and running a celebrity filled variety show surrounded by every vice one could imagine. This perspective may or may not appeal to you. Either way, I promise, it will be worth a glance. The state of the hair and teeth is strong